Live second year brief: Walk Elephant

Walk elephant presentation 6Second year students Alex Robertson, Khalid Abdigaheir and Joe Jackson have recently successfully completed a live brief for Southwark Council. Southwark approached us looking to develop an initiative called ‘Walk Elephant’ which will help promote a network of high quality walking trails across the Elephant and Castle. Many think of the Elephant and Castle as a busy traffic junction but it is so much more. There are so many hidden gems and oases in the Elephant and Castle, and the Walk Elephant project seeks to link them all together, to create safe and enjoyable walking routes which people can ramble through on their way to work, the shops or home. The students were asked to develop a brand identity and a series of playful visuals to develop the initiative.

Throughout the project Alex, Khalid and Joe were mentored by the designer Karl Toomey, who was previously head of It’s Nice That’s design studio Anyways. Karl met with the student design team once a week to help them develop their ideas and prepare presentations for the clients. So this was not a only a great opportunity to work on a live brief, but was also one that gave them the opportunity to work in conjunction with a creative director.

Some of the themes the students had to develop specifically were as follows:

  1. To make people realise the Elephant and Castle is an enjoyable and green place to walk through
  2. To discover the hidden gems and rich history
  3. To make people realise the Elephant and Castle is very central and close to the river
  4. To come up with new community ideas to improve walking routes
  5. To open up the Low Line – Southwark’s answer to New York’s High Line!

Walk elephant presentation 15

Their solution ended up involving an elephant’s foot and colours taken from details within the surrounding environment and architecture. They turned the elephant’s foot into a circular logo mark (see top of page) that can be applied across a range of media – it scales well and can be used in both colour and black and white. It’s a simple, effective and witty solution.

Walk elephant presentation 18

They addressed many of the specific themes required through a variety of media – gifs, environmental graphics and posters. The clients were very impressed with the concept, the execution and the pitch, so we can look forward to seeing the work implemented in the coming months.




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