Guest Lecture: Kate Bones


As part of their current motion project, the second year received a guest lecture and tutorials from Kate Bones. Since graduating from UAL in 2013, Kate has begun to gain a lot of design press attention as a gif artist. Starting out as a photographer, Kate has really developed an individual style and technique that initially captured the imagination of the alternative music, fashion, festival and queer scene, but is now attracting the attention of some big mainstream brands like Nike, Rimmel and Missguided.


Kate generously shared her experience of leaving college and building a network of collaborators and clients alongside developing her ideas and practice to the point she is at today. Often she’ll just be given a couple of hours working with models and photographers at a shoot to come up with ideas, sometimes she’ll have two weeks. Brands are starting to contact Kate because of her individual style and technique developed through continued experimentation. However, Kate also knows that fashions change and whilst stereoscopic GIFs and cinemagraphs are in vogue now, something else will replace them. So, outside of her commercial work she is continually experimenting with new ideas that will enable her work and approach to remain fresh.


You can read more about Kate’s work in a recent Creative Review feature.


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