Guest lecture: Priyjah Paramasivam, Rufus Leonard

LCC Deck_V2101[2]

Some more great advice for first year’s this week from Priyjah Paramasivam who is a mid-weight brand designer at Rufus Leonard. She shared her journey from graduation to date which included a stint at Beyond, before starting at Rufus Leonard three years ago. The agency describe themselves as creative problem solvers, and it was evident from how Priyjah talked through her case studies, that concepts are key to the Rufus Leonard approach. During her time at Rufus Leonard, Priyjah has worked on a range of high profile accounts, and one she talked through in detail was the Odeon cinemas brand refresh. Whilst the Odeon logotype is a classic on our streetscape, the traditional experience offered from mainstream cinemas has been challenged by smaller brands such as Curzon or Everyman that offer the cinema goer a more bespoke experience. The challenge with Odeon was to retain their diverse audience, but refine their approach to encourage greater engagement with their offering. To do this, the design team focused on the immersive experience of truly great film. They used the iconic O of the Odeon brand as a design motif, positioning it as the ‘portal’ through which viewers’ imaginations are transported.


Priyjah also discussed how the different teams at Rufus Leonard work across projects, so in the course a project that might require a visual identity to be developed across print and screen, the brand designers will work in collaboration with motion graphic designers, UX designers and coders. She also talked about the great studio culture at Rufus Leonard, where designers regularly discuss ongoing projects, share ideas and pin up work in progress for feedback. They also have SIX(!) studio dogs and regularly finish the week with doughnuts and drinks. It sounds like a great place to work to me!




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