Guest lecture: Anoushka Rodda, Templo

Last week Anoushka Rodda, Managing Director of Templo, came in to give a guest lecture to the second year students. Temple are a really interesting agency, with a strong ethical perspective on design – only working with clients and on projects that reflect their own values and contribute to some form of positive change. Anoushka talked through a range of case studies, including work for the United Nations which enabled the organisation to tell their story in a way that created a more relevant public image.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 17.35.18

She also showed a project for the International Truth & Justice Project that focused on human rights violations in Sri Lanka. The solution here cleverly integrated the two local languages Tamil and Sinhala, along with English, thus resonating within Sri Lanka, but also connecting with a global audience. The two ‘brother and sister’ logos fused the Sinhala and Tamil words for ‘stop’ with English. This enabled them to dual brand everything and create a sense of balance from both perspectives.


The campaign launched in June 2014 and will continue into 2016. It has built momentum online through the main campaign website, the white flag incident website and social media. A celebrity event, chaired by Jenni Murray BBC journalist and presenter, helped raise further global awareness for the #StopTorture campaign. Cara Delevingne, M.I.A., Bianca Jagger and Maryam d’Abo read survivor testimonies from the report.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 17.40.30

The campaign and the report provided a basis for advocacy and lobbying to be carried out in both Geneva and New York. The Stop Torture campaign persuaded United Nation countries to vote for an international, independent inquiry into human rights violations in Sri Lanka. As a result of the campaign William Hague stopped deporting victims of torture back to Sri Lanka. Having a bilingual branding system helped to connect with two distinct audiences and provided both communities with the opportunity to read the campaign in their own language. This a real testament to the power of design.

Alongside the case studies, Anoushka also gave students an insight into the design management side of the business, including areas such as liaising with clients, developing briefs, costing projects and pitching ideas. This gave the students a real insight into how Templo works as a studio, and what else goes into the development of a project beyond the design.


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