Visiting Practitioner: Maximo Recio

Currently working at United Visual Artists, Maxi Recio has fantastic international experience across having worked in Spain, Germany, the US and the UK. He has worked on major communication design and branding projects for Mercedes-Benz, Selfridges, Swatch, Sky, Canal+ and Absolut Vodka among others. Maxi has an amazing skill set that spans moving image, interaction, and experience design, and this year’s second years are lucky enough to be working with him during their first project this term. You can see more of Maxi’s work here.


From GB&I to NYC…


NY-LON is a creative project between the University of the Arts London, the Shawn Carter Foundation and Vault 49. The aim of the project is to foster creative relationships between university students in London and New York by responding to creative briefs and working in partnerships exchanging working methods and culturally creative ideas.

BA(Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity student Lauryn Raymond (3rd from left above) was one of only three LCC students to take part in this year’s project. In New York for a week, Lauryn art directed and designed a series of posters for the Shawn Carter Foundation and the Made in America Festival.

The students were briefed on the project at the Roc Nation offices and then worked with designers at Vault 49 to develop their ideas.


They then had two days in which to develop their pitch which they delivered to representatives of the Shawn Carter Foundation. Their work was approved and files sent to print ready for the festival in Philadelphia. Sadly JZ was otherwise engaged with Bey, but Lauryn did get to meet his Mum and go to the festival. All in all, not a bad week’s work!


Design. What is it Good For?

First year BA (Hons) Graphic Branding & Identity students have recently taken part in an international manifesto and poster competition alongside students from three Australian universities; Swinburne University of Technology, Western Sydney University and Newcastle University. The brief required students to think about the difference design can make to society and the responsibility of the designer—you can find more information about the competition here.

Seven students from GB&I were selected as finalists and their work is currently being exhibited at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. The London exhibition opens at LCC on 14 September, with the private view on 21 September. You can find more information about the London exhibition here. Congratulations to Skye Boomer, Lauren Berger, Mayowa Dairo, Alex Robertson, Oliviia Lee, Lol Raymond Evans and Jade Hervé on their successful entries!

Image: Lauren Berger